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Our mission, as an industrial leader of metal cutting technologies, is to provide superior quality medical device parts.
Developed in-house by our skilled engineers with expertise in cutting, we also offer “IB Spindle”, 4 times speeder spindles for CNC machines.
Our IB Spindle is an excellent option to the standard factory spindles to reduce your cutting time dramatically.
We are committed to socially contribute through our expertise “Cutting Technology”.


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Medical Device Parts OEM

Suzuki Precion provides the highest quality medical device parts making full use of our advanced cutting technologies.

As a contract manufacturer, we have been providing implant related products for every imaginable parts, offering every segment from machining to surface treatment, cleaning, and packaging.
We are ISO13485 certified and we will provide our customers with highest quality parts you can trust.


IB Spindle

4 times speeder spindle “IB Spindle” enables high-speed machining with a Swiss type CNC Lathe.

Dramatically reduce your machining time with these IB-Spindle Speeders.
These were developed from voice of our own Swiss-Type CNC lathe department engineers.
“IB-Spindle”, Our own four times speeder spindle.

Product features

These high-speed live tools for Swiss CNC lathes features:
・ 1:4 speed multiplier
・ ER 11 output (φ4mm max recommended)
・ Takes only ONE WRENCH to install on your existing machines
・ No additional controller or extension cable needed

Product Lineup

CITIZEN M series
Star SB, SR series



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